Incoming students

Interested in an academic experience at Brussels ? Wishing to get a fruitful internship or placement stay in the headquarters of Europe ? We hope to receive you as this opportunity will bring you a French language boost, a cutural openness while meeting other european students in the city and beyond these arguments, an added – value to get a job !

Our « International Relations Office » (IRO) can support you to realize an academic or placement project at Brussels via our Erasmus + Incoming application form to send us (by scan at :

  • « Autumn semester » (September – end of January) : deadline settled on 31st May
  • « Spring semester » (end of January – end of June): dealine settled on 30th November

By any chance, if your University (College) demands it, our post address is the following one : Haute Ecole Libre de Bruxelles – Ilya Prigogine – Avenue Besme, 97 – 1190 Bruxelles

What are the REQUIREMENTS to come to HELB ?

Please bear in mind we demand all our Incoming students to have at least a B1 level in French language (CEFR) BEFORE arriving at our institution, as all our courses are taught in French.

You also need, as a student, to be enrolled among one of our Erasmus + partners to be accepted. That’s the reason we need an official document (confirmation letter) from your University as a confirmation of your selection.

If there’s no official partnership between HELB and your University (College), please ask your institution’s International Office to contact us and we’ll try to follow up your request the best we can.

Do I have to fill in other DOCUMENTS before arriving at Brussels ?

Once we’ll get your application form, we’ll contact your international coordinator and yourself to fill in and sign your « learning agreement » to finalise the exchange content.

Two main opportunities are available :

Application form
Course catalog
Bruxelles, ville étudiante
Documents officiels